We are a wood fired bakery and stone-milling operation located in the historic neighborhood of Church Hill in Richmond, Virginia, specializing in the timeless craft of bread and pastry using organic, regional, and heirloom grains.

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Closed Monday

Tuesday - Friday:        7am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday:    8am - 5pm


whole (36oz. / 1kg)  $8.25 OR    half (18oz. / 500g)   $4.25
Sub Rosa Classic* - wheat, filtered water, cultured wheat, sea salt.   {100% sifted, stone ground wheat. A timeless bread.}
Miller's Wheat* -  wheat, filtered water, cultured wheat, sea salt.  {100% stone ground wheat. Nothing but the whole grain.}
Polenta -  red wheat, 'Bloody Butcher' corn*, filtered water, cultured wheat, sea salt.  {A Virginia native, this corn emanates sweet richness through a light creamy interior}
Light Rye / Sesame Rye- red wheat,  rye*,  filtered water, cultured wheat, sea salt.  {Not what you expect. Heirloom rye gives this bread a distinct smell of honey & pepper.}
      Whole Rye - 3.5 lbs / 1.75 kg - $11 whole / $5.50 half - Our Frisian style whole rye is made with cracked rye berries, rye flour, aged rye bread, rye starter, sea salt and water. Dense, extremely moist, and hearty. The northern culture's staple bread.
      Pide Flatbread - 16oz / 454g - $4.25 - same dough as the classic but baked fast and hot and topped with olive oil, sesame, and nigella seeds or alternately rosemary and sea salt flakes.